布莱恩·里德是急流城最新的球员福利官, where he leads initiatives to support the wellbeing and personal development of the Rapids First Team and Rapids 学院 players, including enhancing procedures to ensure player safety and compliance with SafeSport guidelines, 管理教育规划和生活技能课程, 监督学院球员的寄宿计划, 在其他支持服务中. 里德还将为一线队球员提供后勤和入职支持.


我已经踢了20年足球了. 这一切都要追溯到2005年,在我停止打球之后. I started as the color commentator for Cal State Fullerton in the athletic department for their men's and women's soccer program back in 2005. 他们做了一个在线链接的现场直播,所以一切都是这样开始的.

你为不同的球队和不同年龄的球员工作过, 是什么让你在急流城找到了这个机会?

在这短短二十年里,我做过很多工作. 这是我最喜欢的一件事, 和人们一起工作, 和年轻球员一起工作, 帮助他们通过这一途径, 和他们一起工作是出于他们对游戏的热情. I always felt like if I had an opportunity to find a position within the game that specifically dealt with their interests, 他们的幸福, just them developing as human beings and being extremely successful after the game is over - I mean, 美梦成真了, 坦白说. So much of it with coaching is wins, is losses, you get to know the players and you're tight. 但你知道,机器还在转动.

With something like this, you're really able to dive in and go so much deeper with every player. 真正知道你所做的事情可能只会帮助那0.5%的人, , 1%, 帮助他们达到最高水平, 这是一种令人满足的感觉. 在我的旅程中,我有很多人, 是教练, 是导师, 当我还是一名球员的时候,甚至是教练和导师的时候, 谁真的付出了额外的努力去了解我是一个怎样的人. 我一直觉得,如果我有机会回报,然后把它传递出去, 我会抓住这个机会的. Thankfully the club brought me in, and I'm really, really thrilled to be in this position.

Which of those past experiences do you think play the most into your responsibilities here at the Rapids?

大发体育通常称之为80/20法则. 你有20%的时间在球场上处理与足球相关的活动, 剩下的80%你在帮助玩家. 你在生活方式、教育和营养方面帮助球员. 随着联盟继续向学院和一线队投入资源, 它的增长轨迹如此之好.

在科罗拉多州, I love what [our] leadership is doing in their vision for what this club can be in the next five years, 在接下来的十年里,以及它是如何与社区联系在一起的. 它与学院有关, 当然还有一线队,他们想要代表什么, 的激流, 为丹佛市, 并成为精英足球的标杆. 我认为当你看到dafa大发体育的承诺, 它让你想要前进,去发现每一块可能的石头, to make sure that when everybody gets to the gate they have that experience like we had on Thanksgiving. 大发体育从上到下.

So using [that momentum from Thanksgiving] as a stepping stone heading into next season? 绝对. 大发体育继续这样做. Let's keep working at an elite level and stay focused on the vision that is set forth by ownership. 我被这画面的干净和精确所震撼.


玩家福利官, 这是一个非常有趣的标题, 但它包含了这些玩家可能需要的所有内容, 可能需要帮助, 游戏之外, "在白线之外"是大发体育常说的.

我认为欧洲就是一个很好的例子. These clubs continue to pour resources into their academies and it has to be more than just making sure they’re an elite centerback prospect or they’re an elite forward, 他们确实需要成为精英才能在这个行业中生存. 所以当你看我的角色, 你说的是继续帮助那些正在攻读学位的球员, 获得教练执照, 等.

这些球员有很多事情要做. If you have a player that's coming into the country for the first time, where should they live? 我需要做什么? 我怎样才能得到一辆车? 杂货店在哪里? 作为一个dafa大发体育,大发体育能做些什么来确保这些球员感受到支持. 每个个体都是独一无二的,所以这是一个非常宽泛的范围. 但在一天结束时, 一旦你了解每一个球员,知道如何最好地支持他们, I think that we can start to tackle everybody's individual needs and different ways they can be supported.

Which of your responsibilities as a Player Welfare Officer have you noticed resonates the most with players as you guide them through all of this?

I suppose first and foremost is just to know this position is here at the club and to know that we care. 知道他们会来找你说,“你能帮我吗?? Can you help me get the documents I need from the League to finish processing my loans? 或者“嘿,你能帮我开个银行账户吗??”

球员们想知道dafa大发体育关心他们, 这不仅仅是他们在现场训练时的表现. They know they have people who they can rely on that represent more than just the football aspect of their lives.

What's a long-term goal and a short-term goal that you have to provide this player safety and support, 你们是否已经实现了这些目标?

I'd say the short-term goal is just to make sure that everybody in the club understands who I am and what I'm here to do. 到目前为止,我一直在与学院合作. We've had some fun programming and started to touch upon the DEI initiatives that the league is really trying to put forth. 大发体育修改了青训队的球员手册, 最重要的是, just getting to know those kids and their families and let them know that we're here because it's not just a First Team position, this position is going to have touch points all the way through our development structure. 我认为传递的信息很好,因为它不仅仅是足球. 大发体育在这里不仅仅是为了你周六的表现. 这是大发体育想要确保继续发展的东西.

我觉得我的长期目标是扩建这个空间. I feel like there's so many things that are going to continue to come out post-pandemic and as we move forward, 我觉得这将在未来几年产生连锁反应. When you look at the long-term goal of this position, I look forward to it being a team. A team of specialists where we earn the reputation heading into the 2026 World Cup that 科罗拉多州 is a world-class destination and they take care of their players top to bottom. 我觉得这是一个伟大的目标, 这是一个崇高的目标, but to be known in 大发体育 as one of the top two or three clubs where player welfare is at the forefront of what you do, 这是令人兴奋的.

What have you seen as an obstacle(s) already while serving to provide safety and support to these athletes and how have you overcome them to ensure the players are getting the welfare they need?

我觉得你唯一的障碍就是获得信任,对吧? 了解别人并让他们接纳你是需要时间的. 这是一个伟大的行业,但也是一个无情的行业. 同时, 每个人都必须知道你是真诚的, 你是真诚地在这里帮助和支持我. 我觉得这是我能预见到的唯一障碍. 一旦你有了这些关系, 他们是建立在真诚和真实的基础上的, 它只会从那里开始生长.


我觉得寄宿家庭对这个年龄段的人来说很重要. If you think about a player being asked to live on his own as a minor or as a young adult, 这就够了. 然后你仍然要求他们表演,这是一个精神负担. 这可能会带来极大的压力. 寄宿家庭给他们一种家庭的感觉. 我认为这是非常积极的事情. There's so many stories where after the players graduates they still come back and have Thanksgiving dinner with the family. 球员的家人,寄宿家庭,他们聚在一起. 在这些成功案例中,人的因素是主要的. It just creates an environment of inclusion and it really does help the players have a soft landing. 所以我很高兴能继续发展.


大发体育有个家庭收养了一个新墨西哥来的球员, 他们从他还是个U14级球员的时候就有了他, 他们真的把他当成另一个儿子. So it just became almost like the home away from home for so many of the players in this because of the energy in that home. The family of the player that's here and their family, they're going to be close for decades. 它很特殊.


事实上,他们有家人可以回家. 好游戏, 糟糕的比赛, 他们仍然拥有本地玩家所拥有的东西, they get to go home to a family and they get to talk through it and get to just be a kid. So to have a family, to have that sense of normalcy, I feel like that is the key component. 他们可以得到他们在家乡可以得到的东西.


我爱它. 这是我的爱好,我从很小的时候就开始玩了. 我父母在我六岁的时候介绍我认识, 这是我一直铭记在心的事. 真正的, 除了和家人在一起, 在球场上和球队在一起是我最大的乐趣, 集体竞争某物. 没有什么更好的.